Custom seals

EDS designs and manufactures custom seals for new products and refurbishes mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic components.


Equipment refurbishing

Industrial equipment refurbishing has no secrets for EDS. With its extensive workshop, cutting-edge equipment, and unparalleled team, EDS is the reference when comes time to extend the life of industrial components.


Industrial equipments

EDS is an original equipment manufacturer with a full range of human and technical resources to produce custom industrial equipment for the military, mining, aluminium, agrifood, construction, logging, and pulp & paper industries. The EDS engineering team can design value-added industrial equipment with high-quality custom seals and chrome-plated parts.



The company

For over 25 years EDS has been analyzing and developing innovative custom solutions. Our expertise and distinctive approach in industrial equipment design, manufacturing and refurbishing, in addition to custom seal manufacturing, make EDS an ideal strategic partner for the North American industry


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04 May 2017

Groupe EDS renews its corporate image

The company recently renewed its logotype with the aim of putting forward the meaning of the 3 letters EDS


Collapsible turnbuckles for track-type military vehicles

EDS's innovative sealing expertise has enabled the company to develop a turnbuckle equipped with a dynamic tension limiting mechanism for military applications.