Industrial equipment

Potlining compaction cylinders

In 2014, the Saguenay company STAS asked EDS to design a pneumatic cylinder for a new potlining machine. With our sealing solutions expertise and cooperation between the two company’s engineering teams, the project was a resounding success.

Our involvement in this project was cited in Le Quotidien newspaper on October 25, 2014: “Giovani Pucella, mechanical engineer at STAS, worked jointly with Groupe industriel Premium, Terrebonne, and Groupe EDS on the fabrication of a state-of-the-art potlining machine.”

Measuring instruments for refineries

For more than 15 years, EDS has been a supplier of instrumentation technologies for the alumina refining process. Indeed, EDS has manufactured equipment for several companies worldwide (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, United States, France, India, and Russia).

The most common equipment includes:

  • Ultrasonic mud level detection instrument

  • Stationary ultrasonic mud density measuring instrument

  • Industrial lifting equipment

  • Density probes with load cells

Collapsible turnbuckles for track-type military vehicles

EDS’s innovative sealing expertise has enabled the company to develop a turnbuckle equipped with a dynamic tension limiting mechanism for military applications.

Rotating-blade feeders

EDS manufactures and refurbishes rotating feeders. One specific project required near-perfect sealing in order to reduce significant raw material losses in a rotating-blade feeder. To this end, we designed a feeder with superior sealing specifications.