Equipment refurbishing

Alumina breaker-feeders

For more than 15 years, EDS has been manufacturing replacement parts for alumina feeder-breakers. EDS also works jointly with the customer in an effort to optimize equipment design with a view to extending their life cycles and reducing costs. EDS also provides maintenance and assembly services for both refurbished and new equipment. These services are also available for plants equipped with fixed or mobile alumina and/or fluorine breaker-feeders.

High-capacity hydraulic cylinders

Among our portfolio of achievements, we have had to handle cylinders with strokes of 50 feet plus, bores of five feet or more, and capacities in the 12,000 lb. range.

Our chrome-plating, surface treatment, and polishing technologies guarantee consistent high-quality surfaces for our customers. Our custom seal design and manufacturing technologies make it possible to manufacture non-standard and/or non-market products for those special assemblies.

Hydraulic cylinders for loggers

Logging standards in Quebec sometimes make it necessary to modify machinery according to the lay of the land. Therefore, we have developed cylinders fitted with high-pressure shock absorbers that can support extended-range logging operations.