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Since 1996, EDS has been a frontrunning designer and manufacturer of custom-machined seals. The enterprise’s leading-edge technology guarantees high-end seal performance that exceeds the most stringent industry standards.

Our clients can fully rely on our turnkey services. We are more than a service or product provider; we are a partner ready to work with your teams to achieve the best custom sealing solutions and make your projects a resounding success. With EDS, there are no intermediaries. You work directly with our experts for quick and hassle-free results!

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EDS designs and fabricates seals for new products in development and for mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components undergoing refurbishment.

The company stands out because it solves sealing issues and provides unrivalled expertise in industrial equipment fabrication and added-value refurbishment. EDS’s deep understanding of seal design and fabrication technologies guarantees ultimate product reliability and durability!


You have projects with specific needs? Our engineering services will provide, free of charge, the technical support you need to choose sealing materials that are perfectly aligned with the specifics of your operational environment.


We make custom seals for a wide array of industrial sectors, including:

  • Energy
  • Chemicals
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Agri-food
  • Military
  • Aluminium smelters
  • Pulp & paper

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We make custom seals for a wide array of industrial sectors, including:

Innovating with cutting-edge technologies

Our extensive material experience controls results

Thanks to its extensive knowledge base and proven expertise, EDS knows which materials are most appropriate for the fabrication of every seal it supplies. The enterprise is capable of fabricating seals with diameters up to 700 millimeters.  

With an impressive inventory of superior quality materials, EDS designs and fabricates seals for optimal equipment performance. EDS resolves the most exacting design constraints for numerous operational environments. Pressure, temperature, geometry, friction, operating speed, chemical compatibility, repetitive cycles, and wear are all challenges we successfully overcome every day.


EDS puts over 25 years of experience in seal fabrication at your service. This combination of time-honed expertise and perfectly mastered know-how enables our teams to provide our customers with precise, end-to-end solutions and services, including:

  • An engineering team dedicated to their projects
  • Expert fabrication technicians
  • Over 200 seal profiles
  • Extensive knowledge of materials and expertise
  • Seals designed for equipment optimisation
  • Tailored solutions that solve leaking issues
  • Improved equipment performance
  • Optimal recovery of mechanical components
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Our highly experienced team works with precision, and innovation in an integral part of EDS’s driving force. We work together and unite our strengths to achieve expected results.


Whether you are seeking advice or know exactly what you need, EDS is there to help and will go out of its way to serve you! Simply click on the thumbnail below to open our on-line Request to Quote Form (RQF).

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