Equipment manufacturers

Custom-designed industrial equipment

EDS is an original equipment manufacturer with a full range of human and technical resources to produce custom industrial equipment for the military, mining, aluminium, agrifood, construction, logging, and pulp & paper industries. The EDS engineering team can design value-added industrial equipment with high-quality custom seals and chrome-plated parts.

State-of-the-art design software allows our engineering team to perform beyond customer expectations. When designing equipment, the EDS team works closely with customers in order to accurately pinpoint performance specifications. This client-supplier collaboration approach leads to high-performance equipment that is accurately designed for the desired applications.

Custom-designed industrial equipment

When designing equipment, the engineering team works closely with the customer to properly define the performance specifications of the equipment. This client-supplier collaboration approach makes it possible to produce a high-performance and optimal equipment for the specific application for which it is designed.

A complete, optimal manufacturing facility

EDS operates a machining and manufacturing facility for the custom production of industrial equipment in line with customer requirements. Our machine shop is equipped for unit or serial production of the parts we need. We use welding and assembly templates for serial equipment production. Our quality management system includes several control points to ensure constant product quality.

Multiple skillsets for manufacturing excellence

At EDS, equipment manufacturing relies on wide-ranging skillsets in order to provide customers with turnkey projects specialized in industrial equipment manufacturing, seal and surface treatment requirements.

A complete, optimal manufacturing facility

State-of-the-art projects

EDS has made industrial-grade equipment for numerous customers in wide-ranging activity sectors. Every piece produced requires the full contribution of the company’s different teams to make sure all potential constraints are met.

Parts kits for electrical circuit-breaker refurbishing

  1. Westinghouse circuit-breakers:
    BQOB 120 kV, BNOB 14,4 kV, BKOB 15 kV, BJOB 34,5 kV, BPOB 69 kV, BROM 138 kV
  2. General Electric circuit-breakers:
    KSO 14,4 kV, KSO 34,5 kV, KSO 69 kV, KSO 138 kV, FKP 25 kV, FKP 69 kV
  3. Sprecher & Schuh circuit-breakers:
    HPW 25 kV, HP6 12 kV
  4. ABB circuit-breakers:
    SFE 25 kV circuit-breaker room
  5. Alsthom circuit-breakers:
    FB4 accumulator
  6. Accumulator circuit-breakers:
    Brown Boveri FR, ELK, OR2M OPI

Aluminium smelter equipment:

  1. Vacuum lifters for ingot
  2. Crust Breaker and Alumina Feeding Device

  3. Alumina feeder shutoff valves

  4. Rotating-blade fluorine feeders

  5. Fluorine feeders

  6. Ultrasonic mud-level detection instrument for Rio Tinto alumina refining technology

  7. Ultrasonic static-density measuring instrument for Rio Tinto alumina refining technology

  8. Static-density load-cell measuring instrument

  9. Ultrasonic probe cleaning equipment

  10. Overhead crane brakes

  11. Furnace cylinders

  12. Potlining compactor cylinders (potlining machine)

  13. Overhead crane accessories

  14. Remote-controlled circuit-breaker mechanisms

  15. Specific cylinders or valves

Forestry and pulp & paper mill equipment

  1. Hydraulic cylinders for Caterpillar 541 / 551 logger

  2. Telescopic cylinders for chip unloading platforms

  3. Pneumatic cylinders with long-lasting joints for sawmills

  4. Hydraulic cylinders for industrial boiler feed scales

  5. Rotating-blade chip feeders

Various equipment

  1. Dam-door ball-bearing joints

  2. Collapsible turnbuckles for track-type military vehicles 

  3. Spice-mixer joints

  4. Food-product filler joints and components

  5. Various types of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders