Equipment refurbishing

Extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs

Industrial equipment refurbishing has no secrets for EDS. With its extensive workshop, cutting-edge equipment, and unparalleled team, EDS is the reference when comes time to extend the life of industrial components.

Whether it is hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, manual and control valves, rotary feeders, or accumulators, EDS can extend the life cycle of equipment, thus significantly reducing maintenance costs.

It pays to entrust the refurbishing of your industrial equipment to EDS:

  • Shorter shutdown times
  • Extended part life
  • Improved equipment performance with our engineering service
  • Comparative assessments: Refurbishing vs. original costs
  • Repair traceability software
  • Guaranteed equipment quality and performance
  • Tenders include the root causes of equipment failures
  • Statistical analysis of recurrence failure

Our refurbishing process includes new seals made in our facilities, meaning shorter timelines and more ef­ective repairs for customers.

Customized surface finish

EDS specializes in metal polishing to extend the life cycle and e­ffectiveness of seals. In addition to conventional machine shop polishing methods, EDS owns and operates polishing and grinding equipment, as well as digital surface-finish measuring tools for maximum performance.

EDS also specializes in hard chrome plating, which extends the useful life of metal surfaces and reduces the risk of corrosion. This type of coating reduces friction and extends the life of components. Chrome plating makes is possible to rebuild used or rusted parts at lower cost. The technology is part of the company’s sustainable development practices, allowing for maximum recovery of components and lower maintenance costs. EDS can also produce and chrome plate new parts.

Customized surface finish

Our equipment, expertise and the products we utilize help us to meet specific industrial needs.