Innovation / Performance / Results

For over 20 years EDS has been analyzing and developing innovative custom solutions. Our expertise and distinctive approach in industrial equipment design, manufacturing and refurbishing, in addition to custom seal manufacturing, make EDS an ideal strategic partner for the North American industry.

With our highly experienced multidisciplinary team, exacting standards are an integral part of quality assurance in all aspects of our operations: design, fabrication, assembly, and instrumentation.­ EDS has been ISO 9001 certified for over 15 years; we apply lean manufacturing and sustainable development principles in everything we do. Our production plant operates both conventional and digital machine shop equipment, along with a chrome-plating and welding department that constantly looks to innovate in order to cut costs to our customers.

Our values: Perseverance / Quality / Respect / Integrity

Diagnose, manufacture, solve

As an equipment manufacturer, EDS provides turnkey customer support through:

  • Attention to specific needs
  • Optimized industrial equipment
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment design
  • Prototypes
  • Specialized equipment assembly
  • Monitoring and statistical studies of equipment life cycles
  • Continuous improvement

EDS specializes in solving sealing problems, and holds expertise in high-value-added industrial equipment manufacturing and refurbishing. Our engineering team’s command of seals and chrome-plating design and manufacturing technologies makes EDS an ideal strategic partner in the image of its products: strong and reliable.

Diagnose, manufacture, solve

Combining professional skills and equipment performance

EDS engineering team improves and designs specialized equipment with the aim of increasing productivity and reducing costs. Our commitment to result-driven innovation and performance is wholly part of every project we undertake.

Finding the basic cause for the right solution

Wanting to meet the specific needs of customers, EDS engineers and technicians diligently visit worksites and industrial facilities to promote continuous improvement.

Finding the basic cause for the right solution

Customer-focused management practice

EDS employees, customers and suppliers work together with a vision for continuous improvement. Regardless of the project type, customer satisfaction is EDS’s number one priority:

  • Tightly run scheduling and troubleshooting
  • Tenders include the root causes of equipment failures
  • Order confirmations
  • Strict observance of delivery schedules
  • Warranty prioritization and management
  • History documentation with part numbers
  • Application of our internal continuous improvement process (ESSE)
  • Compliance with tendered prices with no “extra fees”

Our quality policy

  • Our mission is to be the best supplier in the resolution of sealing problems and in the quality of our technical service.Management is committed to promoting a continuous improvement  culture and sustainable development to ensure the sustainability of the company.To achieve this, management will provide everyone with the necessary equipment, structure and training.


For EDS, success relies on continuous improvement at every level of the company. This principle is integral to every project, and to every member of our personnel.

Customer-focused management practice